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Fondazzjoni Kreattività

Spazju Kreattiv is at the centre of what we do, where one of our main priorities is to provide space for individuals to express themselves creatively and for the rest of us to get to know about their process – how it starts, evolves and possibly, how it ends.


Fondazzjoni Kreattività
St James Cavalier
MLT-1060 Valletta

Telefon: +356 21 223200
E-Mail: outreach@kreattivita.org


NISĠA: Storja Kontemporanja

This exhibition seeks to feature dialogues between artists of different generations. The selection of works is put together in meaningful dialogues, each standing for a given narrative or facet. These works are in dialogue with interventions by contemporary artists in digital format to create an exhibition akin to an installation where all the elements converse and interact within one weave. By bridging the persona of the Maltese artist, oftentimes caught between memory and history, the project shall explore what is constant and what instead stands out as a difference within the memory landscape.The dialectic between past and present , paradoxically juxtaposed across media, shall strive to achieve a constellation inspired by Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas where polarities are exposed and inferences underpinned across time. When read together as one experience, the constellation of displays and objects shall strive to propose new readings of art histories connecting present and past.

This exhibition is a collaboration project between Spazju Kreattiv and the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

Artists in this exhibition include: Carmelo Mangion, Darren Tanti, Pierre Portelli, Harry Alden, Anton Agius, Gabriel Caruana, Victor Agius, Austin Camilleri, George Preca, Alfred Chircop, Norbert Attard, Isabelle Borg, Vince Briffa, Raymond Pitrè, George Fenech and Ruth Bianco.

Curated by Irene Biolchini and Sandro Debono.

Price: Free

Artwork: Gabriel Caruana (detail)
Photo: Elisa von Brockdorff

Rima: To Be Defined

‘To Be Defined’ is a project organised by Rima that articulates two main concepts about migration and exile: definition and construction on one side, and de-construction and resistance on the other.

Starting from the many representations and definitions of the persons that we call “migrants”, (to be defined) investigates the means, rhetorics, rituals, discourses, limits and banalities, the institutions, the imaginary and the relations that construct the object “migrant” and the extent to which this construction is affecting the lives and the imagination of the same subjects. On the other hand, (to be defined) will also take into account the resistance of the subjects, namely how each person manages to reclaim their subjectivity and their identity as individuals beyond the label they are given of migrants. This act of reclaiming can occur across different lines of struggle, both intimate and public, but all militant, all revolutionary, all related.

This exhibition has been developed by Virginia Monteforte (curator), Kristina Borg (exhibition designer) and Alexandra Galitzine-Loumpet (cultural advisor), and features as part of the cultural programme of Valletta 2018, Capital of Culture (Exile and Conflict strand).

Workshop by artist Guy Woueté
Date and Time: Saturday, 6 October 2018 at 6pm
Venue: Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: Free

Artist’s Tour
Date and Time: Saturday, 6 October 2018 at 7:30pm
Venue: Main Staircase and Space C, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: Free

Debate: Narrating the Exile: Memory and history in displacement
Date and Time: Thursday, 25 October 2018 at 7pm
Venue: Studio B, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: Free

Book Launch
Date and Time: Saturday 3 November 2018 at 7:30pm
Venue: Space C, Spazju Kreattiv
Price: Free

Rima will also host a film festival that relates to this exhibition between Friday 12 October and Sunday 14 October 2018 at Spazju Kreattiv Cinema. More information will be forthcoming.

Price: Free
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