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Lothringer13 Halle

Lothringer13 Halle is an institution for international, contemporary art, funded by the city of Munich. In changing group exhibitions about social topics and discourses, works by emerging as well as established artists are brought into a dialogue and elaborated in a dense framework programme.

Founded in 1980 as an artist-run space in a former factory hall, the changing curatorial system of Lothringer13 has since developed new formats and particularly supported young artists and their conditions of production.
Since July 2014 Lothringer13 Halle extends to the Rroom in the front building, running a regular program of events and offering a selection of publications accompanying the current show.


Lothringer13 Halle
Lothringer Str. 13
D-81667 München

Telefon: 08966607333
Fax: 08966607333
E-Mail: info@lothringer13.com
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