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TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA Call for Open Stage – Who’s next?

Every summer, highly promising dancers and choreographers from throughout the world come to Munich to train and test their own choreographic material in TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA’s various workshops.

You are doing a workshop at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA and have finished choreographic material that you would like to show? In this Open Stage, you are given the opportunity to show your piece or choreographic material to the Munich’s audience, as well as all the artists and participants taking part!

Your work shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes. You are participating in TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA. The team of JOINT ADVENTURES will make the selection.
The Open Stage will take place on August 8, 2022.

What we offer:
- Participation at a TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA workshop free of charge
- Rehearsal studio for your preparation (according to availability)
- Per diems for a maximum of five days
- Festival pass for the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA events
- Support for finding private accommodations in Munich
- Support in research/applying for travel grants, visa applications, etc.

We are looking forward to your application per e-mail with a short biography, relevant video link as well as a technical rider. Deadline: April 22, 2022. Please direct your application to:

Workshop program 2022

For professional dancers and performers Louise Vanneste, Omar Rajeh, Sandra Marín Garcia, Luke Jessop, Esther Balfe, Virginie Roy, Kassandra Wedel, Jurij Konjar, Sascha Krausneker, Veronica Fischer und Chiang-Mei Wang , among others, will teach 5-day choreographic intensive or 10-day workshops.
Also on the program: Audio Description with Jess Curtis & Gerald Pirner.

More are to come!


Joint Adventures - Walter Heun
81379 München




Mo, 8.8.2022, 08:30 Uhr

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Bewertungen & Berichte TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA Call for Open Stage – Who’s next?

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