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Mediterraneo Marine Park offering entertainment alongside a learning experience unique in its kind.

Mediterraneo Marine Park is a great way for adults and children to understand more about the marine life and its inhabitants through edutainment. Spend a fantastic and unforgettable day at the Marine park in Malta where you can swim with dolphins, see sea lions, exotic birds, reptiles and more.

As Malta’s only marine park, The ‘Mediterraneo’ is a leading island attraction with tourists and locals alike. Boasting an enviable coastal location, the park promotes interactive participation with a varied selection of marine mammals including dolphins and sea lions; parrots and reptiles.

Enjoying Malta’s sunny climate, The Mediterraneo Marine Park remains open all year round. The park is conveniently located just off the main coast road enabling good transport links from most hotels and tourist accommodation.

Part of the Costa Edutainment group (since July 2012), The Mediterraneo Marine Park advocates animal welfare through an interactive learning environment inspired by their motto “Education, Emotion and FUN”. Visitors may participate in various animal interaction programmes which provide superb entertainment whilst increasing awareness and conservation responsibilities.

The park has three main programmes which are held daily: The Dolphin Presentation, The Sea Lion Presentation and the Parrot Presentation. All of these presentations offer an amazing experience to aid a better understanding of the animals and an appreciation of their individual characteristics. The highlight of any visit to The Mediterraneo Marine Park has to be the Dolphin SWIM programme – a truly unique and once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed! Some of the other species that visitors can also expect to see include green wing Macaw, Amazons, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, Frogs, Toads, Spiders, Scorpions and Lizards.


Tul il-kosta Bahar ic-Caghaq
MLT-9038 Malta

fon: +356 2137 2218, +356 2137 6519
email: info@mediterraneopark.com

Family program


The ambassadors of the seas in action in an emotional performance portraying charm, liveliness and skills within a magical and pleasant environment.

At our Dolphinarium visitors are delighted with the intelligence of these amazing creatures and leave the Park with a deeper appreciation for the marine mammals.

Swim with the dolphin

A chance of a lifetime experience, full of excitement, great emotions and more!

A unique opportunity to have an exclusive close encounter where you interact, within a contained group of persons, with bottlenose dolphins under the guidance and supervision of our professional Carers.

Clients must:
- Be not younger than 8 years old
- Confident in deep water
- Ladies cannot be pregnant
- Be able to understand instructions clearly and move comfortably in the water in order to ensure their enjoyment of the activity whilst safeguarding their safety, the safety of the animals as well as that of the Animal Carers and the other participants.
- Remove all jewellery, piercings, earings, necklace, bracelets, watches and loose items before going into the water
- Remove alle kinds of video cameras, gopro cameras
- Remove all kinds of contact lenses, glasses, spectacle, headbands

The dolphin interactive programme

The Dolphin Interaction Programme provides an unforgettable dry encounter within a small group with bottlenose dolphins. During this 15 minute programme, participants will be allowed to touch dolphins and learn hand signals used to communicate with them. This programm will be guided by a professional animal carer and brings you close to dolphins without getting into the water.

- Must be at least 6 years of age
- Price includes also entrance fee and daily presentations
Family program


Lots of agility and speed are some of the ingredients of this funny and extremely educational presentation. Learn the difference between Seals and Sea Lions and much more! Fun guaranteed.

Sea lion interactive programme
The Sea Lion Interaction Programm is an excellent blend of education and exciting experience with a South American Sea Lion. Led by our animal carers, guests can enjoy a close encounter with this highly intelligent, social and adorable animal. During this 15 minute ‘dry’ programm, participants will learn about various topics including feeding habits and conservation. This unique experience is guaranteed to bring a smile and lasting memories.

- must be at least 6 years of age
- Price includes also entrance fee and daily presentations
Family program


The beauty, dexterity and extraordinary capabilities of one of the animal groups that had always an impact on men – Tropical Birds.
Blue and Gold Macaws, Orange Winged Amazons and Green Winged Macaws showing off their behaviours, delighting their visitors with their composure, colours, sounds and secrets.

Parrot interactive programme

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our colourful macaws. Our animal carers will introduce you to our Parrots while giving an educational talk about their characteristics, their habitat and diet. This 20 minute session is designed to educate and provides a close-up encounter . A unique oppotunity to hold and feed the Parrots while they reveal their colours and sounds.

- Must be at least 6 years of age
- Price includes also entrance fee and the daily presentations.
Family program


Reptiles are a group of vertebrates belonging to the Class Reptilia. They are cold blooded animals. A feature is what perhaps makes most reptiles relatively easy to recognize is a seamless body covering of scales that prevents moisture loss.

The Park has a diverse collection of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids which includes snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, turtles and tortoises.
Family program


Coati species belong to the same family as the raccoons; they are procyonids (Procyonidae). South American Coatis or Ring-tailed Coatis are distributed throughout the South American continent except Chile. They can weigh as much as 7 kg when they are adults and reach a total length of 113 cm, with the tail taking up to half of this length. The tail is an instrument for them to keep the balance. They can live up to 14 years, although in the wild their lifespan is shorter (7 years on average). They are diurnal and omnivorous. This means they are active during the day and are able to eat a big variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, insects, small animals and bird eggs. They are good climbers so they make use not only of the ground but also the trees, where they normally sleep. Their nose and developed sense of smell allow them to find food under the ground and rocks. Females live in groups while males are solitary. The reproduction period starts during the spring and last until the end of the summer. Females normally give birth to 3 – 4 young that open their eyes for the first time after 10 days. It takes them more than 3 weeks to learn to walk and climb. South American felines are the main wild predators of coatis but humans and dogs are also a threat for them.
Family program


The park management wishes to advise all its visitors that there are feeding times and sessions available, whereby one can actively participate to feeding our Birds and, or our Water Turtles.

You may purchase (one) 1 Euro envelopes of bird seeds and, or Water Turtles food pellets from the entrance shop and then meet the Animal Carer(s) nearby the Aviary or Water Turtle pond at the following times:

Water Turtles by the Water Turtle Pond - From 12.00 to 12.30
Various Birds at the Aviary Entrance - From 12.30 to 13.00

The feeding is managed allocating the proper amount of food each of these animals consumes daily. This means that there is a limit on the amount of food to be given to these animals on a daily basis. Thus it is recommended you secure your food envelope purchase well before the times indicated not to be disappointed as only a limited amount of envelopes are made available daily. Visitors must strictly wait for the times indicated and participate in the feeding with the guiding presence of the Animal Carer(s) ONLY.
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